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Toplyne partners with Twilio Segment

Oct 26, 2023
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Twilio Segment builds unified customer profiles by being the single point of behavioral data collection across websites and mobile apps.

Toplyne taps into Twilio Segment data, stitches it with other first-party data (billing, CRM, etc.) and third party enrichment. Toplyne’s AI models then surface the highest intent users and accounts most likely to meet particular goals that your Go-To-Market teams care about - like free-to-paid conversion, team expansion, cross-sells, upsells, and churn prevention.

How the Toplyne x Twilio Segment integration works.

Toplyne and Twilio Segment work together to...

1. Run AI lead scoring

Score your users and accounts against custom outcomes such as enterprise conversion, team expansion, churn risk, etc., and flag users and accounts most likely to meet these outcomes.

2. Combine first party & third party data

Build a complete 360 degree view of your users and accounts - by combining behavioral data from Twilio Segment with billing, CRM, and third party enrichment.

3. Account roll-ups

Access rolled-up account-level trends and qualification to contextualize signals across organizations you sell to.

4. Impact your top line

Drive free-to-paid conversion rates, Net Revenue Retention, meetings booked rates, open rates, and other outcomes GTM teams care about.

5. Scout

Toplyne surfaces types of users who matter the most for your outreach: economic buyers, most active, first active, last active users, etc.

How the Twilio Segment integration works:

  1. Twilio Segment collects in-app activity.
  2. Toplyne’s AI ingests Twilio Segment’s behavioral data.
  3. Toplyne’s AI models surface highest intent users and accounts in the apps that Sales and Marketing teams use every day.

With Twilio Segment integrated into Toplyne, you can action on users and accounts. Toplyne knows the following things about an account that is currently on your free tier plan, based on Twilio Segment data:

  1. The economic buyer viewed your pricing page 7 times and resource center 3 times.
  2. Acme has taken a key action (export template) 16 times in the last two days. That makes them 12x more likely to convert from your free to paid than your average account.
How to use Toplyne with Twilio Segment

Toplyne then syncs this account along with all the users into your downstream Go-To-Market apps - like Salesforce, where:

  1. Your sales teams will start seeing acme, along with other high intent accounts to target
  2. Your sales team has product-usage intelligence about why acme and other accounts were qualified, so they can personalize their outreach.

Your sales teams are no longer flying blind, and are instead reaching out to accounts with highest propensity to convert, leading to an 2-5x increase in your win rates.

"Any time we needed to bridge product-data to our revenue applications, we needed to loop in engineering. That’s now three clicks in Toplyne." - Daniel, Head of Growth at Voiceflow
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