Product-led growth
shouldn't be this hard easy.

It's the tool Canva uses to identify which of their millions of free users are the perfect fit for their premium subscriptions. This is product-led growth – in 2022.

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Sales feels like finding a needle in a haystack

Product-led growth has created the problem of plenty

  • Millions of active users
  • Low conversion rates (1-5%)
  • Sales reps are flying blind
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Convert free users to paying customers

Convert the highest intent users from free to paid plans

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Grow small teams into larger accounts

Identify teams that are most likely to expand in seat size

Upsell accounts onto premium plans

Move your most valuable accounts onto your best enterprise plans

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Don’t just take our word for it!

Millions of people around the world use Canva to achieve their goals – from high school students to small business owners and the Fortune 500, it’s important that we’re able to identify users where our premium subscriptions are the right fit and can add value to the way they’re using our platform. We’re looking forward to using Toplyne to effectively target and scale these efforts at our speed of growth while continuing to deliver value to our community of users across the globe.

David Burson
Head of Subscription Products & Revenue

Founders and builders of product-led growth companies face the challenge of sales prioritization every day! Zeroing in on users who are most likely to pay is key to future-proofing your success.

The Toplyne team’s experience in this sector, both as investors and entrepreneurs, convinced us that they’re the right team to solve this problem, and we're thrilled that Together Fund can help them scale.

Girish Mathrubootham
CEO and Founder

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Toplyne is SOC2 compliant

Toplyne is built with security in mind and is SOC2 certified.
Contact us at for the report.

Backed by the best

Backed by the best

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Toplyne?

All you need is a product analytics software like Amplitude, Mixpanel, Segment or CleverTap 🤷🏻

We have built integrations with all these providers so that you don't have to involve your engineering or data science teams to get started

How long does it take to get started?

All we need is 15 minutes of your time to share view only access to your product analytics software.

Is my data safe with you?

We're custodians of data for some of the largest PLG companies in the world. Our business is data and we take our business seriously. We're SOC2 compliant and have state of the art data governance and security policies. We're happy to walk you through them.

How many users do I need?

Toplyne is a data science first product and works best with more data! However, all we need from you is a few 1,000 users a month to start adding value 💰

What is a product qualified lead (PQL)?

In the world of product-led growth, a PQL is a user or account who is sales ready.

Example: Slack in its early days defined it's PQL as "a team who sent 2,000 messages in the last 2 weeks"

A general purpose definiton of a PQLs can be:
• A user or account
• Who performed a set of key actions
• number of times
• Over the last few days, weeks or months

Does Toplyne replace my CRMs?

Absolutely not! Toplyne does not replace any of your existing CRMs or software. We help you tie everything together without the need for months of custom engineering.

Join Canva, InVideo and others as our early customers!

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