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May product updates: Version Fish & Ships

May Magic: A peek into segment customization, field mapping templates, advanced segmentation, and much much more.
June 1, 2023
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Hello from London. Rohit here. 👋🏻

A few of us here at Toplyne have made it across the pond to Tobacco Dock in East London to attend SaaStr Europa and... Fish & Ships: an event we co-hosted with the lovely folks at Paddle.

My schedule for the remainder of day two is chock-a-block with speaking sessions, but let's put a pin in that for the moment.

The previous month witnessed a sort of facial transformation for Toplyne, if you will - a gentle rejuvenation. Our diligent crew bestowed upon your dashboard a plethora of alterations and improvements.

The anticipation to enlighten you regarding these recent developments, I must confess, is quite palpable.

  1. Segment customization - Edit your segments without having to create new ones
  2. Field mapping templates - Save your sync maps as templates and reuse them across pipelines.
  3. Segment anywhere - Segmentation brought to your account & user list pages.

Read on for the low-down.

Customize your segments 👥

You can now customise previously created segments without having to create new segments. We even gave our “Edit playbook” flow a UI revamp and a fresh coat of paint.

Customize your segments

Field map templates 🗺

You can now save your field mapping (destination > object) as a template while creating a pipeline. And reuse them in all future pipelines you build in Toplyne.

Segment anywhere⚡️

Advanced segmentation is now available on the account and user list pages - and can even be custom-applied in all pipelines that you build.

Field map templates

That's all for May, my dear friends.

But fret not, for I shall return posthaste, brimming with renewed vigour and ready to dive back into our delightful dialogues

Until we cross paths again, toodle-oo!

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