September product updates: Version Techtember

Oct 11, 2023
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Dia dhuit from sunny Dublin! Rohit here. 👋🏻

The average position of my team over the coming month (and of the huddle that I'm currently on) will be somewhere near the *checks notes* Bermuda Triangle. Conferences - what a concept.

Through a September packed with conferences, we've shipped three big features - all rooted in real pain-points GTM teams we work with face every day.

Check it out; here's the TL;DR:

  • ‍Toplyne Engage™ - Add leads to your Outreach sequences from within your Toplyne extension.
  • ‍Target specific users at accounts - Select which user from an account you want synced in your downstream go-to-market apps.
  • ‍ Toplyne <> Marketo - You can now send your Toplyne leads to Adobe Marketo Engage.
  • ‍ So SSO - Set up SSO to Toplyne using Okta.

If you want a walk through, feel absolutely free to book time with me for a live demo.

But read on for the low-down.

1) Toplyne Engage ⚡️

You can now action on your users and accounts Toplyne's synced in your CRM directly from the chrome extension. Click on "Add to Outreach", then select from your active sequences to trigger them to specific contacts in your CRM.

2) Auto-select users from accounts 🙋🏻

Prospecting an account and don't know who at the account to reach out to? Toplyne will now auto-select particular users from your accounts, based on your preferences.

Choose from:

  1. Economic buyer
  2. Most engaged contact
  3. First active contact
  4. Last active contact

...and more.

3) Toplyne 🤝 Marketo

Announcing our new integration with Marketo ⚡️

️You can now send your Toplyne qualified leads and accounts into Marketo to trigger highly targeted marketing automations.

4) SSO - check.

Enable SSO for your team-mates on Toplyne with Okta. Refer to the guide here to get started.


That's all for September folks; I'll see you in a month with a fresh batch of updates.


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