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April product updates: Version Coronation

May 1, 2023
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Hey-o. Rohit here.👋🏻

Charles who? Back in Toplyne HQ this week, coronation meant only one thing: that of the winner of our first ever internal hackathon.

Hopped up on flavored RedBulls and some curated Rage Against The Machine playlists (apt), we split up into teams and whipped up six GPT-4 powered add-ons to Toplyne.

I’m super super excited for what we're cooking here, but more on that later.

Outside of the hackathon, we pushed some major releases to production in April⚡️

  1. Chrome extension glow-up - Meet event-timelines, a map of user journeys within your product.
  2. Lead re-qualification - Continuously re-qualify leads after a cool-off period.
  3. Sync error flagging - Your CRM sync errors, now flagged within Toplyne.

For a detailed walkthrough, we're always just a click away.

But read on for the low-down👇

Meet event timelines 🗺

Spot a user in your CRM and Toplyne’s Chrome extension will plot out the timeline of events they have fired within your product.

Event timeline

If you have a Toplyne account, you can download the extension for free here.

Lead re-qualification ♺

Set a cool off time and our data science models will now resurface qualified leads based on their most recent activity.

lead qualification

Sync status alerts 🔔

Pipeline syncs that fail due to datatype mismatches, expired CRM auths and other reasons are now flagged within your dash for Hubspot sync.

sync status alerts

And finally, a liiiitle bit about the winning ideas that came out of our hackathon. Coming soon to your Toplyne dash!

1. Analytics Genie - ChatGPT for your product data. Query, visualize, and set into action your stitched and enriched usage, CRM, and billing data. All in natural language.  

2. EventIQ - User events clustered and classified by GPT. Semantically - based on what they're called. And sequentially - based on how closely they fire to one another. The mentos to our data science coke.

3. Prospect - Plug in your latest closed-won, and Prospect finds the universe of companies that are similar to them, for you to fuel your prospecting.

4. CRM Doctor - The silver bullet to your messy CRM. Doctor measures the health of your CRM and auto-populates missing fields.

For a sneak preview of the four add-ons, feel free to book time with me here. We're still in the early days with these and would love to talk to you and understand your potential use-cases for these tools a little deeper.

That's all for April, folks! I'll see you in a few weeks

Until then 🫡

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