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New Feature Launch - ICP Fit Score

A peek into one of most loved feature - ICP Fit Score
November 2, 2023
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Problems faced by B2B teams while building pipeline

We often hear from sales leaders building pipeline for their teams

"We usually sell only to financial services. I'm not sure if a media company will bite."

Product usage while important isn't complete. The ability to pay and the ability of the GTM teams to influence the sale are equally important.

"Of the 100 leads we received 15 were high potential, but 50 were low potential."

We’ve all been there – sifting through countless prospect accounts, trying to determine which ones are worth pursuing.

What makes an account worth pursuing?

An account’s likelihood to convert is a combination of two broad factors

1) Intent - How are they using your product?

2) Eligibility - Who are they?

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) fit score signifies how closely a potential lead resembles your ideal customer profile. ICP fit score quantifies the eligibility factor.Toplyne looks at historical conversions and identifies archetypes that most frequently convert.

ICP Fit then assigns a score based on how closely your leads resemble these archetypes.

Where do I use this?

1) Weed out bad leads - Filter out low ICP fit leads to focus your sales bandwidth where it counts.

2) Prioritize high-value accounts -Identify high-value leads for personalized sales interventions, like tele-calling or in-depth demos.

3) Qualify MQLs - Score MQLs effectively, even with minimal product usage data - perfect for new products or add-ons!

Unlock ICP Fit Score for your GTM teams here.

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