March product updates: Version Everything Everywhere

Apr 4, 2023
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Hey-o. Rohit here.

March. What a concept.

Over a month that saw Daniel Kwan and Michelle Yeoh take home multiple academy awards and March Madness kick-off, our team went live with a couple of big additions to your Toplyne dash.⚡️

1. Unified user views - Visualize user actions across product usage, billing, CRM, and beyond. In one view.

2. Chrome extension in beta - Access unified user views from within your CRM with Toplyne's Chrome extension. Now in beta.

3. Pipeline scheduler - Schedule pipeline workflows at your own pace, ditching those pesky daily or weekly limits.

If you'd rather we show how to get the most out of these updates - we're always just a click away.

Unified user views ⚡️

Toplyne stitches data across usage, billing, CRM, and enrichment. And now gives you a unified view across all your users.

Everything, everywhere, all in one view.

Unified user views

We have a new home (It's Chrome) 🏡

Product usage. Billing. Third party enrichment. Unified, and accessible from within your CRM.

Our Chrome extension is now in beta. And launching soon.

Get early access 🫡

Pipeline scheduler ⏰

Our Marty McFly update. You can now customize your pipeline to run at any cadence - like thrice on a Tuesday and then on a Friday every week. If you want to. (for some reason)

Pipeline scheduler

Try it now.

Again - for early access to the Toplyne Chrome extension, click here.

Alright, that's all for March folks - we'll be back with more in April.

Until then 🫡

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