Top 8 Sales Automation Tools You Need In 2023

Jun 20, 2023
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It's 2023 and the perfect time to take your sales to the next level with automation.

We all know that efficiency and productivity reign supreme in the business world, so why not give your sales team the tools they need to stay ahead of the competition? As per HubSpot, 61% of businesses that leveraged sales automation were able to exceed their revenue targets.

In this blog post, we'll look at the top 8 sales automation tools revolutionizing how businesses approach sales processes. With features like simplified lead management and streamlined workflows, these tools will boost your sales capabilities and help you reach outstanding results.

1. Salesforce


When it comes to automating sales, it is impossible not to begin with Salesforce. This industry-leading platform has a ton of tools specifically designed for sales teams. With Salesforce, you can save time on tedious tasks like data entry, lead tracking, and lead management.

Its advanced analytics and reporting features give you the insights to make informed decisions and maximize your sales process. And it all integrates seamlessly with other popular tools and business software, making your workflow a breeze.

Most Notable Features:

  • Salesforce's sales automation can do everything - from managing databases and leads to pipeline and partner relationships to providing post-sale service.
  • Users can easily keep track of their sales leads, closed deals, and sales performance.
  • By synching calendars, emails, and contacts, Salesforce allows you to collaborate with other critical sales-related functions easily.


The starter plan for Salesforce sales automation software starts from $25 per user per month.

2. HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales is a total game-changer in automating your sales process. From lead generation and lead nurturing to deal tracking and closing, this tool allows you to automate almost every sales function.

HubSpot Sales is a sales CRM that comes power-packed with all the basics, like automated workflows, follow-up emails, contact management, and automation. You also get some extra features, including predictive lead scoring, automated task, deal creation, and sales document templates.

Most Notable Features:

  • Sales email automation lets you create personalized sequences, track their success, and make sure you're communicating with prospects at the perfect time and with the right message.
  • Contact and lead management features make organizing and segmenting unqualified and qualified leads a breeze.
  • The powerful analytics and reporting give you the power to measure the performance of your salespeople. you


The prices of HubSpot Sales start from $450 per month.

3. Pipedrive


Pipedrive is one of the best sales automation solutions that offers complete sales pipeline management solutions. Its user-friendly interface makes tracking and managing deals a breeze. You can track multiple pipelines in real-time from any browser or mobile device, so you'll always have a clear view of what's going on with your sales.

The tool helps you save time and reduce mistakes by automating everyday tasks like updating deal stages and setting follow-up reminders.

Most Notable Features:

  • Pipedrive offers multiple sales automation features. It includes sales admin automation, streamlined integrations, various customizations, landing pages, email templates, etc.
  • Custom sales reporting dashboards and sales forecasting are available too.
  • You can use the reporting and forecasting functions to gain valuable insights into your sales team's performance, so you can make intelligent, data-driven decisions and boost your revenue.


Pipedrive's pricing start from $9.90 per user per month.

4. Zoho CRM

 Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a great choice for modern-day businesses, especially small businesses, and start-ups looking for a cloud-based sales automation platform. It provides sales automation capabilities and an easy-to-use, engaging interface ideal for those just getting started.

Zoho CRM provides comprehensive features to make your sales cycle go smoothly. You can manage leads, nurture them, and close deals without any hassle. The tool lets you automate tedious tasks for your team to ensure smooth and consistent processes.

Most Notable Features:

  • Zoho CRM offers you an AI-powered sales assistant called Zia. It provides you with insightful recommendations to your sales and marketing teams so that they can up their sales game.
  • The tool offers an excellent sales gamification feature that makes sales processes fun and exciting. It keeps your sales reps engaged and motivated to reach their goals.


Zoho CRM's price starts from $14 per annum.

5. Outreach


As its name suggests, Outreach is a fantastic platform that lets you personalize and automate your sales outreach. So you can focus on what matters most. Its advanced analytics and AI-powered insights give you a clear picture of how prospects engage with your outreach. Integrating it with your CRM and other tools allows you to create an efficient sales workflow and streamline your team's process.

Most Notable Features:

  • Outreach Engage makes it easy for sales reps to get stuff done. It streamlines and automates their processes to help improve the sales funnel, drive pipeline growth, and ensure their success.
  • The tool offers great built-in integration with SDFC; you can customize the layouts however you'd like.


Contact Outreach's team to get details about its pricing.

6. Toplyne


Toplyne is a behavioral sales lead-scoring platform used by industry giants like Canva and Vercel. It's based on first-party product usage, CRM, billing, and third-party enrichment.
The tool has got your back when it comes to targeting the correct accounts. Its AI engine takes your data (from product analytics, CRM, and billing data) and combines it with third-party enrichment data to surface sales pipeline from your self serve funnel.

Most Notable Features:

  • You can identify the best accounts to make a sale, upsell, cross-sell, offer enterprise plans, and prevent customers from churning.
  • It acts as a layer between your GTM engine and your product usage data helping your sales teams identify which accounts to go after from your self serve funnel.


Toplyne's price starts from $1,400 per month.

7. SalesLoft


SalesLoft is the go-to for sales engagement, helping sales teams and sellers boost revenue. Their Modern Revenue Workspace is a one-stop-shop for digital sales tasks, connecting sellers with buyers and offering the coaching and insights they require to succeed.

Most Notable Features:

  • This platform has it all - email automation, email campaigns, call dialing, follow-up, and even social selling.
  • SalesLoft helps you get your sales process running like a well-oiled machine. It enables you to automate your cadences to ensure everyone is doing the same outreach and keeping it consistent and targeted.


Contact SalesLoft's team for pricing details.

8. Copper


Formerly known as ProsperWorks, Copper is a user-friendly and intuitive sales automation software that helps you automate various pesky repetitive tasks. The software is designed to keep track of your sales process so you know exactly what the next step is. With customizable drag-and-drop pipelines, you can easily manage your contacts and leads.

Copper's automation capabilities help streamline your sales workflow so you never miss out on essential follow-ups or overlook a potential lead.

Most Notable Features:

  • Copper links with your favorite business and sales tools, like Gmail, Google Sheets, etc., so you can manage contacts, track deals, and automate multiple sales tasks.
  • Copper will store emails, calls, files, and notes from your customer relationships and customer data. This way, you will have a full view of the sales history and other metrics.
  • The tool also lets you sort your current and potential customers using tags and filters to fit your criteria.


The pricing of Copper starts from $23 per user per month. You can also use its free plan and try the software before purchasing it.

Choose The Best Sales Automation Tool For Your Business Today

The eight sales automation tools discussed in this blog will supercharge your sales team's efficiency, productivity, and revenue growth. From automating sales processes to streamlining sales and digital marketing campaigns, these tools can give your team the edge they need to thrive in 2023 and beyond. You can also check out tools like Zapier, ActiveCampaign, and Mailchimp (for email automation), Pardot, and Engagebay.

According to McKinsey, over 30% of all your sales activities can be automated with these tools. So, pick the sales and marketing automation platform of your choice, integrate it into your system, and watch your sales team reach new heights.

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