10 Leading Sales AI Platforms in 2023

Oct 18, 2023
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Today, more than ever sales reps need to spend more time actually selling and spend less time on manual and repetitive tasks that hamper their productivity. AI tools in sales workflows help sales teams do exactly this.

From lead scoring and qualification to drafting outreach emails, and from data enrichment to automating follow ups, there's an AI tool that helps reps get closer to hitting quota at every step of their daily workflows. Thus, integrating AI tools in sales workflows has become crucial.

Not doing so means leaving both money and time on the table. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 Sales AI platforms that you need to get in your daily workflows today.

Importance of AI Tools in Today’s Sales Tech Stack

Artificial Intelligence is not just an additional advantage or a fancy feature. Instead, it has become a catalyst for change, fundamentally transforming how sales reps engage in their work.

AI has played a vital role in predictive analytics. Gone are the days of guessing future trends and customer behavior. With AI-powered predictive analytics, businesses can confidently forecast market trends, enabling sales teams to make knowledgeable decisions and optimize resource allocation.

Benefits of AI tools in the Sales Stack

  • Removing Guesswork: AI technology can minimize the need for guesswork in sales by offering data-driven insights. These tools analyze extensive datasets to identify trends, preferences, and behavioral patterns, empowering sales professionals to make well-informed decisions.
  • AI Automates Tasks: AI software helps in automating repetitive tasks, offering sales representatives the opportunity to shift their attention away from mundane tasks and prioritize building authentic relationships with their prospects.
  • Better Lead Scoring and Qualification: AI has transformed the process of lead scoring, qualification, and segmentation. Gone are the days of relying solely on guesswork and heuristics. Now, AI algorithms and machine learning models analyze past user behavior data and assign scores that indicate a lead's level of readiness to convert.
  • Increased Productivity: The productivity of sales teams reaches new levels in the AI-powered sales system. By automating time-consuming tasks and streamlining lead qualification, sales representatives can focus on high-impact activities and boost their productivity.

Types of sales AI tools

Lead Scoring and Qualification

1. Toplyne

Toplyne is a powerful behavioral lead-scoring platform that uses a combination of first-party product usage, CRM, billing, and third-party enrichment data to identify potential sales opportunities within your self-serve funnel. The tool helps you confidently predict various outcomes, from increasing conversions to identifying upsell opportuinities and improving net retention revenue.

Why Do You Need This Tool: Toplyne is one of the best AI tools predictive lead scoring. You don’t need any engineering favors to use this tool.

Pricing: Learn more about Toplyne’s pricing here.

What Users Love: Powerful data analysis and consolidation, multiple integrations with existing tech stack, quick go-live time, constant updates, and incredible support.

2. Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is an AI tool designed explicitly for Customer Relationship Management analytics, enabling businesses to develop AI-powered applications for their subscribers and employees. It provides the tools to create predictive models using computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning technologies.

Why Do You Need This Tool: You can use Salesforce Einstein to create deep-learning predictive models that offer valuable insights into your leads and improve your decision-making.

Pricing: The paid plans start from $25 per month.

What Users Love: Bulk data processing functionality and automation.

Conversational AI

1. Gong

Gong is a conversational AI solution that records and evaluates sales calls and meetings. By offering valuable insights, it assists sales teams in enhancing their strategies and customer interaction.

Why Do You Need This Tool: Gong's user-friendly interface allows your sales team to effectively refine their communication and close deals by providing actionable insights from sales conversations.

Pricing: Pricing details are available upon request.

What Users Love: The ease of use, detailed briefs of every call, and Gong's voice-to-text transcription accuracy.

2. Wingman by Clari

Wingman, now known as Clari Copilot, is an intuitive conversation intelligence platform. It is designed to equip sales reps with all the tools necessary to excel in their competition, identify opportunities for increased revenue, and close deals more quickly.

Why Do You Need This Tool: The tool highlights essential insights from a call or a meeting that can significantly impact deals. These insights include potential obstacles, mentions of competitors, and recommended next steps.

Pricing: Pricing details are available upon request.

What Users Love: Real-time monitoring of sales discussions and detailed AI transcripts.

Data Capture & Enrichment

1. Apollo

Apollo is an AI-driven tool that helps you discover, connect with, and successfully convert your leads from over 265 million contacts. Its streamlined engagement workflows make the process efficient and effective.

Why Do You Need This Tool: You need Apollo for its valuable data management feature. The tool provides your sales team with accurate and enhanced lead information, resulting in more effective outreach efforts.

Pricing: Apollo offers a free plan. Its paid plans start from $39 per user per month.

What Users Love: Powerful search filters, classified data, and email sequencing.

2. Clearbit

Clearbit is an AI sales tool that enriches your data records and helps you uncover your lead's purchasing intent. It collects public information from the internet, combines it with its exclusive data, and uses LLMs to transform unorganized data into accurate, standardized datasets.

Why Do You Need This Tool: Clearbit is designed to empower B2B sales teams. The tool offers global coverage in every language and can provide you with valuable data for lead scoring.

Pricing: Contact Clearbit for pricing details.

What Users Love: Excellent firmographic information, real-time Slack notifications, and account-level visits.

Rep Productivity Tools

1. Outreach

Outreach is a comprehensive platform that enhances seller productivity, enabling sales teams to effectively generate and finalize more potential deals. The tool provides sales leaders with a comprehensive framework of the entire sales cycle and helps them increase deal speed, pipeline conversion rates, and representative productivity.

Why Do You Need This Tool: Outreach can be used to improve your prospecting and lead management process. The tool assists in conducting meetings, navigating buying committees, and managing and closing deals.

Pricing: Contact Outreach's team for pricing information.

What Users Love: Solid integrations and capability to automatically send emails to prospects.

2. Exceed.ai

Exceed.ai is a cutting-edge AI-powered tool specifically designed to automate lead follow-ups and conversations. By harnessing the power of natural language processing (NLP), it engages with leads in conversations that mimic human interaction. This AI tool provides a valuable service by nurturing leads until they are ready for human interaction.

Why Do You Need This Tool: You can use Exceed.ai to automate conversations across channels like Emails, SMS, etc. It can also be used for capturing and qualifying leads at scale.

Pricing: Contact Exceed.ai's team to request a quote.

What Users Love: Top-notch lead qualifier, virtual assistant for scheduling meetings, and hands-on support.

Generative AI for Sales

1. Lavender

Lavender helps you write better and more personalized emails for your leads, improve customer experience, and get positive replies faster. This way, the tool eliminates the need for guesswork in content creation, guaranteeing that each interaction connects with your prospects.

Why Do You Need This Tool: Lavender is an essential tool for sales teams seeking to personalize their communications on a large scale.

Pricing: Lavender offers multiple plans. Its Starter plan costs $29 per month.

What Users Love: Effective email optimization, easy-to-use dashboard, and cold email performance metrics.

2. Jasper

Like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Jasper is a powerful AI copywriting assistant tool that can help generate various sales content. It generates captivating and customized content, including sales email text, blog posts, and social media updates, specifically designed for your leads.

Why Do You Need This Tool: B2B sales teams can use Jasper to streamline content creation and create powerful sales campaigns.

Pricing: The plans start from $39 per month.

What Users Love: A large variety of content templates or use cases and the capability to create sales-focused content at scale.


The AI tools mentioned in this article can help your sales team improve lead scoring, conversation analysis, data enrichment, and enhance rep productivity. Additionally, they introduce a new approach to content creation. Integrating some or all of the tools mentioned above into your daily sales workflows will keep you competitive, simplify operations, and optimize efficiency, productivity, and customer interaction.

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