10 Leading Marketing AI Platforms in 2023

Oct 19, 2023
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is fast becoming the driving force behind marketing strategies and campaigns. From simple AI tools that serve as intelligent and super-efficient marketing assistants to full-fledged AI marketing managers that execute campaigns autonomously, the ecosystem of AI-powered tools is awe-inspiring.

AI platforms are optimizing marketing campaigns, keyword research, generating comprehensive customer insights for real-time and effective decision-making, playing a vital role in marketing planning and forecasting, and taking over or supporting daily marketing tasks.

Importance of AI Tools in Today's Marketing Stack

AI has found a place in all modern marketing activities, from social media marketing and email marketing campaigns to SEO, content marketing, and ad campaign management. You may know some of the best AI marketing tools like Jasper, HubSpot, Grammarly, Surfer SEO, GPT-4, and Seventh Sense. Here's a look at some more.

Benefits of AI Tools in the Marketing Stack

The benefits of AI marketing platforms include:

  • Increased efficiency and reduced errors from automating processes
  • Greater personalization due to relevant content suggestions and product recommendations
  • Improved decision-making, conversion rates, and campaign ROI from data analysis and predictive analytics
  • Streamlined customer engagement by using AI chat assistants

Types of Marketing AI tools

1. Content Creation & Curation

Generative AI helps marketers solve content creation challenges. AI-powered content generators boost the efficiency of messaging and provide more copy options instantly than what the human mind can fathom at the same time.

OpenAI GPT-4

GPT-4 is an AI model that generates content suggestions based on your prompts. Its advanced language intelligence ensures accurate and grammatically sound text, reducing the need for manual editing. You get AI-generated content with good grammar and engagement at your fingertips.

  • Why do you need this tool?

The AI writing tool has several content marketing use cases:

  • Create a rough draft of an article
  • Generate keywords to target for a blog
  • Creative topic suggestions based on keywords
  • Brainstorm headlines
  • Create blog post headlines

As GPT-4 can generate unique content quickly, it is helpful for copywriting. However, say you're looking for a dedicated tool for copywriting, including landing pages, email, and product descriptions. In that case, jasper.ai is a better option, as it offers templates, content editors, and document sharing and ensures your copy stays on brand with style guides.

  • Pricing

GPT-4 is priced at $0.03/1k prompt tokens and $0.06/1k sampled tokens for 8k context lengths, and $0.06/1k prompt tokens and $0.12/1k sampled tokens for 32k context lengths.

  • What users love

Marketers love GPT-4's powerful writing abilities, which they leverage for email creation, summarizing text, and research. ChatGPT is helping marketers increase their productivity substantially.


Curata is a content curation software that searches content across websites, blogs, social media platforms, and other content resources and organizes them in one place. Its intuitive self-learning engine understands the keywords, news sources, authors, and industry names around which you need content. You can add your insights to the generated content and schedule it for sharing on your blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, X, and newsletters.

  • Why do you need this tool?

Curata helps spark content ideas. You can create entire blog posts using this tool. As it embeds royalty-free images in the content, you can schedule your blog and social media posts for publication right away. Curata also helps you populate your microsites, newsletters, and social media pages with professional content.

  • Pricing

Curata customizes its subscription prices to users' needs.

  • What users love

Curata helps users scale their content marketing efforts with fewer marketing resources. Helping marketers create simple content workflows and feed blogs, social channels, and newsletters streamlines content generation and helps boost productivity.

2. Customer Insights & Predictive Analytics

AI analyzes customer behaviors, interactions, and preferences to help marketers anticipate customer needs and demands. Marketers can harness predictive insights to connect more closely with customers and enhance trust.


Brandwatch is a social intelligence platform primarily serving enterprises. It searches millions of conversations and posts, both historical and real-time, segments them by feedback, complaints, and opinions, uses AI to generate insights, and shares them via alerts and live reports.

  • Why do you need this tool?

Rather than spending hours collecting customer data, paying for market research reports, and capturing insights from the data, you can use Brandwatch to generate real-time insights and act on them quickly. You can also avoid spending money on purchasing market research reports.

  • Pricing

Brandwatch has two pricing editions, from $800 to $3,000. You will need to book a meeting to get an exact price for your requirements.

  • What users love

Users appreciate the tool's broad coverage of platforms, which include social media, blogs, news, and forums. It helps users better understand market trends, competitors, consumer sentiment, and their social media management efforts. The customizable dashboard and visualization tools make it easy to get actionable insights.


6sense makes AI predictions on where your buyers are in the purchase journey to tailor outreach to their specific situation. The predictive analytics tool helps uncover demand early, making it easier for your marketing team to create personalized campaigns and boost engagement.

  • Why do you need this tool?

You can use the real-time buyer data that 6sense provides to more accurately predict the likelihood of deal wins and reach buyers with offers and campaigns that resonate most.

  • Pricing

The tool is free for a single user to whom 50 credits are available to unlock access to features. The costs of higher-tier plans are based on team size.

  • What users love

6sense enables users to prioritize accounts based on intent signals and align sales and marketing efforts to the right accounts. They report meeting their pipeline goals with the tool.

3. Chatbots & Virtual Assistants

Companies use AI-powered chatbots to handle initial customer queries, reserving complex conversations for human agents. Virtual assistants support lead generation and qualification. They work 24/7 to fill the pipeline with leads.


Drift is a conversational AI platform that provides instant and personalized responses to customer queries. Drift chatbot integrates with your other marketing and sales tools to make capturing leads easier and converting them to customers.

  • Why do you need this tool?

Drift's chatbot software is customizable, allowing you to create chatbots tailored to your specific needs. The custom chatbots qualify customer interest, share compelling content, and schedule a call with your sales team.

  • Pricing

The entry-level plan aimed at small businesses starts at $2,500/month. Custom pricing is available for enterprise users.

  • What customers love

Users love the ability to customize messages based on the specific pages visitors are on. A reporting dashboard showing metrics such as chat volume, response times, and customer satisfaction ratings empowers users to make data-driven decisions and optimize their engagement efforts.


Intercom is another AI-powered platform that lets you create custom chatbots that handle customer queries, collect customer data, and keep conversations going on Instagram, SMS, and WhatsApp. It offers a no-code solution to automating manual tasks such as routing, snoozing, and closing conversations, along with several pre-built templates.

  • Why do you need this tool?

You can create a powerful AI chatbot that personalizes conversations and provides value to your customers. Engage customers 24/7 and increase the number of meeting bookings.

  • Pricing

The starter plan for a small team costs $74/month. Custom pricing is available for larger teams.

  • What customers love

Intercom enables users to engage with their target audience in an impactful manner. It enables them to create their personalized scripts and macros, driving fast responses and productive conversations.

4. Personalization & Recommendation Engines

An AI recommendation engine is a machine learning algorithm that predicts users’ choices and offers relevant suggestions based on their data. eCommerce, media, banking, and telecom companies use recommendation systems to provide personalized recommendations to users based on their history, interactions, preferences, and interests.

Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield provides personalized customer experiences by algorithmically matching content, products, and offers to every customer across various digital channels. It can be integrated with email marketing, web analytics, eCommerce, and other systems.

  • Why use the tool

The tool has several use cases. You can recommend the next best product to each user, notify users when a product they did not buy is available at a lower price, and guide visitors to find the right product through a questionnaire.

  • Pricing

Pricing can be sought on request through a demo.

  • What users love

Dynamic Yield is helping companies enhance user experience and revenue. The tool's powerful audience segmentation allows companies to target granular audiences.


Optimizely combines AI and machine learning algorithms with your merchandising strategies to deliver personalized product recommendations in real-time. It personalizes search results with relevant products and content for each user based on real-time behavioral signals.

  • Why use the tool

You can use Optimizely to send the best product to each user, increasing conversion chances. It is also a top tool for A/B testing of different versions of your web pages.

  • Pricing

Pricing is available upon request on their website.

  • What users love

Users are happy with the personalized recommendations based on customer segments. Optimizely also empowers users to make data-driven decisions about their websites.

5. Ad Campaign Optimization

Digital marketing has become increasingly complex. AI's capability to extract insights from vast amounts of data and self-learn helps marketers run ad campaigns with less effort and devote time to high-level strategic and creative work.


Albert is an all-in-one AI tool that autonomously manages cross-channel ad and marketing campaigns. You provide Albert with your business goals, KPIs, audience data, and creatives, and the tool creates a campaign specific to your strategy and audience. Albert uses predictive analytics, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), and proprietary algorithms to observe patterns, draw conclusions, and adjust behaviors without requiring any programming.

  • Why use the tool

Albert is a holistic AI solution for optimizing campaigns across paid search, social, and programmatic channels. While previous AI solutions analyze data and wait for humans to decide, Albert’s self-driving AI technology analyzes data, determines the best actions, acts on it, and continually optimizes based on what it learns in real-time.

By automating all channels and devices automatically, Albert saves your marketing team significant time managing campaigns while performing deeper-level analysis that improves campaign outcomes.

  • Pricing

Pricing is available upon request on their website.

  • What users love

Users like the sophisticated platform that understands their requirements, provide accurate data for marketing and advertising, and saves them time on product marketing.


  • Toplyne is a headless AI that combines all your user data across your product analytics, pricing and CRM, utilizes cutting-edge AI to understand which accounts will convert and expand, and delivers the highest intent leads into your CRM. Marketing teams use Toplyne to optimize campaigns and improve ROAS.
  • Why use the tool

Toplyne learns from your first-party data, to accurately predict an acquired userslong term value within 1 day of acquisition, and relays this positive reinforcementback to Google and Meta. This process enables campaigns to rapidly and continuously learn from predictedhigh-quality users, automatically adjust bidding (VBB), thereby improving RoAS.

  • Pricing

Learn more about Toplyne’s pricing here.

  • What users love

Toplyne's users love getting a 360 degree view of customer insights, seamless integrations with their tech stacks, and incredible go-live time.


AI marketing tools are here to stay and will evolve to complement human effort, augment human expertise, and improve marketing efficiency. With so many use cases for marketing automation, you must explore the AI-human synergy you can achieve to take your business to the next level.

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