new's 7x increase in free-to-pro conversion rates
Customer story:'s 7x increase in free-to-pro conversion rates

LLM-powered enrichment
for Lead and account

Starting with the most precise data sources, Toplyne then scrapes the web and uses LLM-based proprietary tech to get you the highest fill-rates on lead, contact, and company enrichment.
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Toplyne enriches CRM data for leading sales and marketing teams.
Developer tools
Collaboration tools
Murf AI
Generative AI
Information services
Productivity software
Marketing tech
Enabling business to deploy predictive AI-models on the most accurate third-party data.
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fill-rates on contact
fill-rates on company enrichment
higher fill-rates than other data providers
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Accelerate sales and marketing outcomes.

Find economic buyers at target accounts

…even if they’re not in your CRM yet.

Toplyne’s proprietary live enrichment finds economic buyers at the target accounts in your CRM - for sales and marketing teams to run custom ABM plays and multithread deals.

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"The conversion rates on leads Toplyne qualified were 7x higher - that’s huge."
Head of Growth, Murf.AI

Find Ideal Customer Personas in your self-serve funnel

...based on eligibility & intent

Toplyne’s ICP Fit scoring finds ICP users and accounts based on enrichment that finds who they are, and product usage that indicates how they’re using your product.

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"We’ve had more users move over to annual plans, which has helped increase our net revenue retention by 14%"
Vikram Chalana, Co-founder, Pictory

Product usage and enrichment within the comfort of your CRM

...through the Toplyne Chrome extension

Open Toplyne’s Chrome Extension on your CRM window to reveal product-usage trends, along with enrichment-based intelligence.

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"Sales teams are usually jumping between so many platforms. With Toplyne, my AEs can just access usage intelligence directly in Hubspot and have all the information that they would want from Pendo right there."
Alec Levandoski, Sales Enablement Manager, Beefree