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Use cases
Sales AI, Predictive Lead Scoring


Combine Toplyne's behavioral lead insights with Userpilot's onboarding prowess for a transformative user journey.

What you can do with Toplyne integrated with Userpilot:

  • Personalized Onboarding Flows: Use Toplyne’s lead scoring data to tailor Userpilot onboarding flows, ensuring users see the most relevant features based on their behavioral patterns.
  • Optimized Engagement: By understanding lead behaviors through Toplyne, fine-tune Userpilot's in-app messages and walkthroughs for higher product adoption rates.
  • Data-driven Iterations: Use insights from both platforms to continuously refine and perfect your onboarding process, ensuring users get maximum value from your product.

How to set up this integration:

Boost your onboarding strategy with Toplyne's lead insights.

  1. Select ‘Integrations’ from the left pane
  1. Search for ‘Userpilot' and select it from the list of destinations.
  1. Name your integration and click on ‘Configure’.
  1. Filling up additional details from your Userpilot dashboard
  1. To fetch API key - a quick Userpilot detour
  2. Go to Configure on the Userpilot dashboard and select Environment
  3. Copy the API key pre-generated for your account by Userpilot
  1. Paste this API token on the Toplyne dashboard and click on Create

Using Userpilot as a destination

  1. Select the destination you just created on the export page
    When you’re in the Export stage of creating a new playbook, select Userpilot
  1. Map the object you wish to update on Userpilot
    Select object (Track Event / User Attributes) from the dropdown menu.
  1. Map the fields of your choice
  2. If you select Track Event, you have to first enter an Event Name, post which User ID is a mandatory field for Userpilot integration. Select the field from Toplyne that contains the email address of your leads
  3. If you select User Attributes, User ID is mandatory for Userpilot integration. Select the field from Toplyne that contains the email addresses of your leads
  1. Map additional fields of your choice
    You can also choose other information to pass to Userpilot. You can do this by selecting the relevant fields in Toplyne. Generally, our customers export the Toplyne Conversion Score and the Toplyne Lead Status.

Finish creating the playbook!

In the last step of creating your playbook - name the playbook, the cadence of export, and click on ‘Proceed.'