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Use cases
Predictive lead scoring, churn prevention


Elevate your lead scoring with pricing data: Toplyne integrates with Stripe for an unmatched revenue-focused perspective.

What you can do with Toplyne integrated with Stripe:

Combining Toplyne's behavioral lead scoring with Stripe's cutting-edge payment processing gives businesses a distinctive edge in understanding and targeting their leads. Here’s what this collaboration promises:

Transaction-Driven Insights: Marry Stripe's detailed transaction records with Toplyne's extensive product usage, CRM, and enrichment data. Understand not just the behavioral nuances but also the purchasing patterns of your leads.

Revenue-Centric Outreach: Empower the Sales view of Toplyne’s Chrome Extension with Stripe’s transactional data. AEs and SDRs can now approach leads with a clear understanding of their spending habits, crafting pitches that resonate with their purchasing behavior.

Efficiency Boost for Ops: For Ops teams, this integration means a smoother flow of data. Integrating Stripe's financial data with Toplyne ensures leads are not only behaviorally aligned but also segmented based on their monetary interactions, leading to a higher conversion potential.

Strengthen Financial Strategies: With Stripe's transaction data embedded within Toplyne, revenue teams can create better-informed financial forecasts, promotional strategies, and targeted campaigns.

How to set up this integration:

Harnessing the power of Stripe for your transactions? Let’s take it a step further. With a few simple steps, Toplyne securely integrates with your Stripe account to fetch transaction details to build and enrich our AI models.

  1. Log in to your Stripe dashboard.
  2. Ensure you have logged in to the correct account by checking the account name displayed in the top left corner of the dashboard.
  1. From the top-right, navigate to Settings > Developers and select the API keys tab.
  2. Under Restricted keys, click Create restricted key.
  1. Enter the key name of your choice.
  2. For all resource types, grant Read permission in both the Permissions and Connect Permissions columns.
  1. Scroll to the end and click Create key.
  1. Copy the API key that Stripe generates.
  1. We recommend using a password management tool like to generate a one-time secure link. Share this link with your Toplyne Customer Success Manager.

Then sit back and relax while we ingest data from Stripe to build AI-powered models.

Combine Toplyne with Stripe today and transform your approach to lead scoring and engagement with a revenue-centric lens. Delve deeper into the billing data of your leads to predict churn, spot upsell opportunities, and identify users ripe for conversion.