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Use cases
Engagement-Based Follow-ups, Behavioral Lead Segmentation


Sync Toplyne's unparalleled lead insights into Mixmax's email arsenal for tailored, impactful communications.

What you can do with Toplyne integrated with Mixmax:

  • Intelligent Email Sequencing: Drive Mixmax email sequences using Toplyne's lead scores. Send tailored content that evolves based on the recipient's behavioral patterns and preferences.
  • Segmented Email Campaigns: Create segmented lists in Mixmax using Toplyne's granular behavioral data, ensuring each campaign is laser-focused on the intended audience.
  • Insight-Driven Scheduling: Use Toplyne's behavioral insights to determine the optimal times to dispatch emails in Mixmax, maximizing engagement and responsiveness.
  • Performance Optimization: By understanding leads through Toplyne, continuously refine and optimize Mixmax email strategies, ensuring high open rates, click-throughs, and desired outcomes.

How to set up this integration:

Through a simple integration, you will be able to use Toplyne segmentation to better target email campaigns Mixmax to convert promising leads, motivate your champions to purchase more, and re-engage with users at risk of churning. Follow our step-by-step integration guide to get started!

  • Step - 1: Select ‘Integrations’ from the left pane.
  • Step - 2: Search for ‘Mixmax’ and select it from the list of destinations.
  • Step - 3: Name your integration and click on ‘Configure’.
  • Step - 4: Filling additional information from your Mixmax dashboard
  • Step - 4.1: Go to Settings on Mixmax dashboard
  • Step - 4.2: Go to Integrations tab
  • Step - 4.3: Go to API tab
  • Step - 4.4: Click on "Create Mixmax token"
  • Step - 4.5: Copy the API token shown in the dialogue box. You will need it
  • Step - 5: Copy this API token on Toplyne dashboard

Using Mixmax as a destination

Step - 1: Select the destination you just created on the export page.

When you’re on the Export stage of creating a playbook, select Mixmax integration you set up

Step - 2: Select whether you want to sync these leads to a particular "Contact group" or just sync in contacts

If adding to a particular contact group, select name of the contact group from drop down
To create a contact group in Mixmax, go to Contacts tab and select the 'new folder' icon as shown in image below

Step - 3: Map the identifier field

Email is a mandatory identified for Mixmax integration. Select the field from Toplyne that contains email address of your leads

Step - 4: Select the fields you wish to sync to Mixmax

You can also choose which other information to pass to Mixmax. You can do this by selecting relevant field in Toplyne. You can also choose to how to name this field in Mixmax. Generally, our customers export the Toplyne Conversion Score and the Toplyne Lead Status.

Any field that doesn't exist will be automatically created on Mixmax

Step - 5: Add any constant fields to identify the leads synced from your playbook

Amplify your email strategy with data-backed insights. Integrate Toplyne with Mixmax today.