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Behavioral AI, Product-qualified leads


Redefine your sales strategy with the integration of Toplyne and BigQuery, designed for data-driven success.

Here's what this integration enables:

  • Tailored Sales Strategies: Toplyne's AI engine, coupled with BigQuery's extensive data capabilities, allows for the creation of highly tailored sales strategies. By analyzing intricate patterns in user behavior, businesses can target potential leads more effectively.
  • Predictive Sales Analytics: The integration provides an advanced predictive analytics framework. This helps businesses forecast future sales trends, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve and align their strategies accordingly.
  • Insightful Customer Segmentation: By leveraging the combined power of Toplyne's AI and BigQuery's data processing, businesses can achieve more detailed and precise customer segmentation. This helps in delivering personalized customer experiences and improving conversion rates.

Set up the integration

Plug Toplyne into BigQuery to bubble up enterprise opportunities in your CRM from your BigQuery data. See it in action here.