What is Voyantis? The Predictive Growth Tool Explained

May 7, 2024
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If you’re on the hunt for a predictive growth tool, you’ve likely heard of Voyantis but might not know much about it.

What is Voyantis?

Voyantis is a codeless predictive growth platform that aims to enhance marketing and growth efforts by utilizing predictive lifetime value (LTV) data. It assists teams in focusing on profitability through actionable, LTV-based predictive data to acquire and retain high-value customers efficiently.

What does Voyantis offer?

  1. Voyantis Signal Optimisation: This feature is designed to optimize ad spend for maximum ROI by using predictive signals instead of standard event-based metrics.
  2. Predictive Audiences for Prospecting: This feature generates real-time predictive seed audiences based on their predicted LTV, enhancing the efficiency of prospecting campaigns.
  3. Predictive Audiences for Retargeting: Similarly, this feature focuses retargeting efforts on users who show high LTV potential, ensuring that marketing budgets are spent on the most promising leads.

How does Voyantis Work?

  1. Data Integration and Processing: Voyantis integrates with first-party data sources to gather and analyze customer data, forming the foundation of its predictive capabilities.
  2. Machine Learning Models: Voyantis creates customized ML models that generate predictive LTV scores (PLTV) for different audience segments, enhancing targeting precision.
  3. API Delivery to Ad Platforms: The predictive scores are then delivered to platforms like Google and Meta through APIs, enabling targeted advertising.
  4. Continuous Optimization: The platform continuously refines its models to ensure the accuracy and relevancy of its predictions.

Challenges with Voyantis:

While Voyantis offers several advanced features for predictive growth, it presents certain limitations that may impact its effectiveness for modern businesses:

  1. Limited Integration Options: Voyantis requires integration directly into SaaS applications, which can be more complex and less flexible compared to Toplyne's streamlined SDK integration through Google Tag Manager. This can lead to longer setup times and potential integration challenges for businesses using a wide array of SaaS products.
  2. Fewer SaaS Integrations Supported: Voyantis supports integrations with only 9 known SaaS applications, significantly fewer than Toplyne’s 35+ integrations. This limitation restricts the scalability and adaptability of Voyantis, making it less suitable for businesses looking for extensive system compatibility.
  3. Lack of Cookieless Identity Resolution: In an era where privacy regulations are tightening, Voyantis’s lack of cookieless identity resolution can be a major drawback. This limitation could affect the platform's ability to accurately track and engage users across different marketing channels.
  4. Absence of Custom Conversion Actions and Targeted Discounting: Voyantis does not support custom conversion actions or targeted discounting, which are crucial for businesses aiming to optimize their marketing strategies based on specific user actions and offer personalized discounts to drive conversions.
  5. No Support for Custom Channels like WhatsApp and SMS: Unlike Toplyne, Voyantis does not offer support for custom messaging channels such as WhatsApp and SMS. This could limit the reach and effectiveness of marketing campaigns that rely on direct and personalized communication.
  6. No Free Trial and Absence of a Dedicated Customer Success Team: Voyantis does not provide a free trial, which can hinder potential customers from testing the platform before making a financial commitment. Additionally, the lack of a dedicated Customer Success Manager and the absence of a quick-response service level agreement (SLA) could impact user satisfaction and ongoing support quality.
  7. Limited Security and Compliance: While Voyantis is ISO 27001 compliant, it does not meet the broader range of security and compliance standards such as SOC2 Type 2, HIPAA, and CCPA, which are adhered to by Toplyne. This could be a critical shortfall for businesses with stringent data security and privacy requirements.

Toplyne: A Comprehensive and Superior Alternative

In contrast, Toplyne not only addresses these limitations but also provides additional benefits, making it a more comprehensive and user-friendly solution. Its wide range of integrations, support for advanced marketing features, robust security protocols, and dedicated customer support structure make Toplyne the superior choice for businesses seeking to leverage predictive intelligence for audience building. With its proven track record of high customer satisfaction as evidenced by its G2 Crowd ranking, Toplyne ensures marketing teams have the tools they need to succeed today.

Get started with Toplyne

It takes about 5 minutes to set up and go-live with Toplyne. Here's how it works:

Setup Toplyne For Ads in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1 - Sync Web Data To Toplyne

Step 2 - Send Toplyne Audiences into Ad Manager

Step 3 - Launch Campaign with Toplyne Audiences

You can get started with Toplyne today with a 30 day free trial.

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