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Retargeting Tools: Overflow Your Funnel & Conquer the Cookieless Future

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May 29, 2024
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Retargeting Tools For An Overflowing Funnel 

Imagine losing most of your potential customers simply because they left your site without purchasing. It’s a marketer’s nightmare, but it’s the reality for most businesses. Retargeting tools can change this scenario, transforming fleeting interest into solid leads. With the right tools, you can automate lead generation and keep your sales funnel overflowing.

Here’s a comprehensive list of both established and new retargeting tools that will help you re-engage visitors and turn them into loyal customers.

Google Ads Remarketing

Strength: Extensive reach through the Google Display Network (GDN).
Use Cases: Perfect for businesses looking to re-engage visitors across millions of websites and apps. Google Ads Remarketing allows you to create dynamic ads that show users the exact products they viewed on your site, enhancing relevance and increasing conversion rates. Its integration with Google Analytics provides in-depth insights, enabling precise targeting and campaign optimization.

Meta Retargeting

Strength: Detailed targeting options and a massive user base.
Use Cases: Ideal for businesses with a strong social media presence. Meta Retargeting leverages Custom Audiences to create highly personalized campaigns based on user interactions with your website or app. Dynamic Ads automatically showcase products users have shown interest in, ensuring high engagement and conversion rates across Facebook and Instagram.

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Strength: AI-driven predictive analytics for enhanced targeting.

Use Cases: Ideal for businesses seeking to leverage advanced AI and machine learning to optimize their retargeting efforts. Toplyne’s platform uses predictive analytics to score and segment users based on their likelihood to convert, allowing for precise targeting. Its dynamic ad creation personalizes content in real-time, ensuring high relevance and engagement. Seamless integration with major ad platforms ensures streamlined campaign management and continuous performance optimization.


Strength: Powerful email and SMS retargeting.
Use Cases: Suitable for e-commerce brands wanting to leverage email and SMS for retargeting. Klaviyo offers robust automation features and detailed segmentation, allowing for highly personalized communications. Its integration with e-commerce platforms provides actionable insights to optimize your retargeting campaigns.


Strength: All-in-one marketing platform with retargeting capabilities.
Use Cases: Ideal for businesses seeking a comprehensive marketing solution. HubSpot’s retargeting features are part of its broader marketing suite, enabling seamless integration with your CRM and other marketing tools. Use HubSpot to create targeted ads and personalized email campaigns based on detailed user data.


Strength: Multi-channel retargeting capabilities.
Use Cases: Suitable for businesses looking to manage retargeting campaigns across web, social media, and email from a single platform. AdRoll uses AI-driven optimization to enhance ad delivery and budget allocation in real-time. Its dynamic creative features personalize ad content based on user behavior, ensuring relevance and boosting performance.


Strength: Real-time dynamic retargeting.
Use Cases: Particularly effective for e-commerce businesses. Criteo’s AI-driven technology creates personalized ads based on user browsing history and interactions. This platform excels at recommending products and upselling opportunities, driving conversions by showing users the most relevant products at the right time.

Perfect Audience

Strength: Ease of use and integration with major ad networks.
Use Cases: Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses new to retargeting. Perfect Audience simplifies campaign setup and management, integrating seamlessly with Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Its audience segmentation tools enable precise targeting, while real-time analytics provide insights for continuous optimization.


Strength: Comprehensive email retargeting capabilities.
Use Cases: Best for businesses looking to re-engage users through personalized email campaigns. Mailchimp allows you to set up automated workflows targeting users who abandoned carts, viewed specific products, or interacted with your content. Its advanced segmentation tools help create tailored emails that resonate with different user segments.


Strength: High customization and tailored solutions.
Use Cases: Best for businesses needing customized retargeting strategies. Retargeter offers tailored solutions across web, social media, and email. Its high level of customization allows for precise targeting and personalized messaging, ensuring effective re-engagement of potential customers.


Strength: AI-driven segmentation.
Use Cases: Suitable for businesses looking to enhance segmentation with AI. Fixel uses machine learning to analyze user behavior and score visitors based on their engagement. This enables more accurate targeting and improved ad performance, ensuring your retargeting efforts are focused on high-potential leads.


Strength: Customer data platform with retargeting capabilities.
Use Cases: Ideal for businesses looking to leverage customer data for retargeting. BlueConic collects and unifies customer data from various touchpoints, allowing for highly personalized retargeting campaigns. Use it to create targeted ads and emails based on a comprehensive understanding of your audience.


Strength: Marketing automation with robust retargeting.
Use Cases: Suitable for businesses wanting to integrate retargeting with broader marketing automation. SharpSpring offers tools for creating personalized retargeting ads and email campaigns. Its marketing automation features enable seamless workflows, ensuring consistent and relevant re-engagement.


Strength: Behavioral marketing and personalization.
Use Cases: Best for businesses aiming to use behavioral data for retargeting. It analyzes user behavior to create personalized retargeting campaigns across web, email, and mobile. Its advanced personalization capabilities help increase engagement and conversion rates.


Strength: Easy-to-use platform with powerful features.
Use Cases: Best for businesses seeking a straightforward retargeting solution. ReTargeter offers an intuitive interface and robust features, including dynamic ads and audience segmentation. It integrates with major ad networks, providing broad reach and effective re-engagement.


Strength: B2B retargeting and account-based marketing.
Use Cases: Ideal for B2B companies focused on account-based marketing (ABM). RollWorks offers tools to retarget key accounts and high-value leads. Its integration with CRM systems ensures precise targeting and personalized messaging, enhancing engagement with potential business customers.


Strength: Data-driven retargeting solutions.
Use Cases: Suitable for businesses wanting to leverage data for more effective retargeting. Retargetly offers comprehensive data solutions that enhance audience segmentation and targeting. Use it to create personalized retargeting campaigns that drive higher engagement and conversions.


Strength: Customer data platform with robust segmentation.
Use Cases: Best for businesses seeking to unify customer data for personalized retargeting. Zaius integrates data from various touchpoints to provide a complete view of customer behavior. This enables precise targeting and personalized retargeting campaigns that enhance customer engagement.


Strength: Digital marketing for events and associations.
Use Cases: Ideal for event marketers and associations looking to boost attendance and engagement. Feathr offers tools for creating targeted retargeting campaigns that re-engage past attendees and website visitors. Its integration with event management platforms ensures seamless campaign execution.

Tapad (acquired by Experian)

Strength: Cross-device retargeting.
Use Cases: Suitable for businesses wanting to engage users across multiple devices. Tapad uses proprietary technology to unify user data across smartphones, tablets, and desktops. This enables consistent and personalized retargeting campaigns that reach users wherever they are.

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The Cookieless Future in Retargeting

As privacy regulations tighten and third-party cookies phase out, the landscape of retargeting is undergoing significant changes. Businesses must adapt by leveraging first-party data and AI-driven insights to maintain effective retargeting strategies. Enhanced privacy measures and user consent management will become standard, ensuring compliance and building trust with consumers. AI and machine learning will continue to advance, providing deeper insights into user behavior and enabling more precise targeting. Cross-device targeting will ensure seamless user experiences across multiple devices, enhancing the effectiveness of retargeting campaigns. Advanced personalization will create highly tailored ad experiences that consider the entire customer journey, from initial interaction to post-purchase engagement.


Choosing the right retargeting software is crucial for maintaining an overflowing sales funnel and driving business growth. Whether you opt for established platforms like Google Ads and Facebook or explore newer solutions like Fixel and BlueConic, each tool offers unique features to enhance your retargeting efforts. Email retargeting platforms add another layer of personalization, re-engaging users through targeted email campaigns. By staying ahead of future trends and leveraging advanced technologies, you can ensure your retargeting campaigns are effective, compliant, and consistently converting visitors into loyal customers.

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