Voyantis Pricing: Understanding the True Cost of a Predictive Growth Platform

May 3, 2024
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Are you considering Voyantis as your tool for predictive growth in marketing? Navigating its pricing model is essential to determine the true cost of ownership and gauge its value against competitors like Toplyne.

What is Voyantis?

Voyantis is a codeless predictive growth platform that aims to enhance marketing and growth efforts by utilizing predictive lifetime value (LTV) data. It assists teams in focusing on profitability through actionable, LTV-based predictive data to acquire and retain high-value customers efficiently.

What does Voyantis offer?

  1. Voyantis Signal Optimisation: This feature is designed to optimize ad spend for maximum ROI by using predictive signals instead of standard event-based metrics.
  2. Predictive Audiences for Prospecting: This feature generates real-time predictive seed audiences based on their predicted LTV, enhancing the efficiency of prospecting campaigns.
  3. Predictive Audiences for Retargeting: Similarly, this feature focuses retargeting efforts on users who show high LTV potential, ensuring that marketing budgets are spent on the most promising leads.

How does Voyantis Work?

  1. Data Integration and Processing: Voyantis integrates with first-party data sources to gather and analyze customer data, forming the foundation of its predictive capabilities.
  2. Machine Learning Models: Voyantis creates customized ML models that generate predictive LTV scores (PLTV) for different audience segments, enhancing targeting precision.
  3. API Delivery to Ad Platforms: The predictive scores are then delivered to platforms like Google and Meta through APIs, enabling targeted advertising.
  4. Continuous Optimization: The platform continuously refines its models to ensure the accuracy and relevancy of its predictions.

Understanding Voyantis Pricing

The cost of using Voyantis extends beyond straightforward platform fees and includes several other financial considerations:

  1. Platform Costs:Voyantis likely employs a usage-based pricing model, where costs scale with the volume of data processed and the complexity of the predictive tasks performed.
  2. Integration Costs:While Voyantis integrates with SaaS applications, its limited number of supported platforms (only 9 known integrations) might necessitate additional solutions or custom integrations to fully align with your existing tech stack. This can lead to unexpected additional expenses.
  3. Implementation Costs:Voyantis's integration to SaaS applications suggests that some degree of customization and technical work is necessary to adapt it to specific business needs, potentially requiring considerable time and resource investment from your internal teams.
  4. Training Costs:The platform’s advanced predictive capabilities, while powerful, could require significant training for marketing teams to fully leverage its features. The absence of a free trial period may also hinder preliminary hands-on learning without initial investment.
  5. Ongoing Support and Maintenance Costs:Without a dedicated customer success manager or stated service level agreement, support might be slower or less tailored, which could impact the prompt resolution of issues and continuous optimization of the platform.

Basics of Voyantis Pricing

Voyantis does not publicly detail its pricing, which typically suggests a customized pricing strategy that can vary significantly based on each customer's specific requirements and the factors mentioned above.

Challenges with Voyantis’s Pricing Model

The major concern with Voyantis lies in its potentially high total cost of ownership:

  • Complex and potentially opaque pricing could deter small to medium businesses with limited budgets.
  • Limited integration capabilities mean additional costs for extending functionality beyond the native integrations.
  • Lack of dedicated support might lead to increased operational downtime and slower issue resolution, affecting marketing performance.
  • No free trial to try and see value of the product before buying it.

Toplyne: A Comprehensive Alternative

In contrast, Toplyne not only addresses these limitations but also provides additional benefits, making it a more comprehensive and user-friendly solution. Toplyne's pricing depends on two factors - the number of AI models you deploy in the platform and the scale of your business. (Monthly Tracked Users) This is about 6-8% of your money spent targeting AI audiences while providing all integrations, syncing destinations, custom conversion events, features like targeted discounts, predictive LTV, enrichment, dedicated customer success manager, etc. already as a part of Toplyne's pricing. So, you pay for what you see, no hidden or creeping tasks.

Get started with Toplyne

It takes about 5 minutes to set up and go-live with Toplyne. Here's how it works:

Setup Toplyne For Ads in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1 - Sync Web Data To Toplyne

Step 2 - Send Toplyne Audiences into Ad Manager

Step 3 - Launch Campaign with Toplyne Audiences

You can get started with Toplyne today with a 30 day free trial.

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