5 Best B2B Intent Data Tools To Have In 2023

Jun 20, 2023
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As you step into the world of B2B sales, you'll find out that understanding the buyer journey and your customers' intent is the key to success here. Today, customers depend highly on the internet, and most things occur online. Every click and interaction leaves behind data that can be used to help you understand what your target audience is looking for.

By harnessing this intent data, you can create marketing strategies tailored to your customer's needs and interests, resulting in higher conversion rates and more growth potential.

In this blog post, we'll look at the top five B2B intent data tools you'll want to have in 2023. These cutting-edge platforms provide businesses with real-time insights into buyer behavior, so they can make better decisions, engage prospects more effectively, and close deals with more confidence. Let's check out these tools and see how they can up your B2B sales game.

1. Toplyne

toplyne website

Did you know that most self-serving businesses can convert less than 1% of accounts into actual customers? This is where Toplyne comes into the picture.Toplyne is a B2B behavioral AI tool offers that finds sales pipeline from your self serve funnel. Toplyne surfaces purchase intent signals and provides actionable intelligence. It combines data from different data sources, like first-party intent data, third-party enrichment data, CRM data, and billing data to give you an all-around picture of your buyer's intent.

Top Features:

  • Its AI lead scoring is trained on intent signals (product usage data) and eligibility (third-party enrichment and billing data). It offers a pretty nifty way of ensuring your sales team reach out to the the right people at the right time.
  • Segment your audience based on how often they use your product, their CRM data, and any other information you've gathered.
  • Toplyne offers seamless CRM integration and integrates with your current sales automation tools. This will provide a smooth workflow, intent data consolidation, and improved campaign performance.


The price of this tool starts from $1,400 per month. You can also contact Toplyne's sales team to know more about the pricing and other details.

2. Demandbase

demand base website

When it comes to B2B intent data tools, Demandbase stands out from the crowd. This popular platform combines buyer intent data and ABM strategies to help businesses pinpoint high-value accounts. It also enables you to customize your sales and marketing outreach and lead generation.
By using Demandbase, you can pinpoint the accounts actively researching or interacting with your industry and prioritize them accordingly. With its cutting-edge sales intelligence technology, you can zero in on the prospects with the most potential to convert. This way, you can optimize your sales funnel and put your marketing efforts where they'll make the most difference.

Top Features:

  • Demandbase analyzes customer data and intent to help you tailor your marketing messages and experiences.
  • With tailored content and communications based on each account's intent signals, you can craft a highly relevant and personalized approach to B2B sales.
  • Demandbase's intent scoring feature provides you with a better understanding of how interested different accounts are and how recently they've shown buying intent. With this system, you can prioritize your sales process so that your team always targets the accounts that actually want to buy.


Demandbase offers multiple pricing plans. You can contact its team to know more about the plans in detail.

3. ZoomInfo

zoom info website

ZoomInfo is an outstanding tool that helps businesses ensure they're targeting their ideal customer profile. It provides a comprehensive B2B database and intent data platform to help you identify the ideal customers for your business. With all the contact information and intent buying signals, you'll be able to find new opportunities, expand your reach, and close deals faster.

ZoomInfo's extensive database is a real standout - it gives you access to many company profiles and contact information. So you can find leads, and phone numbers, enrich your customer data, and get to know your target audience better. With accurate and current information at your fingertips, you can craft marketing strategies and form solid connections with your prospects.

Top Features:

  • ZoomInfo offers a powerful intent-based lead-scoring feature. It helps you figure out which potential leads have the most buying intent by analyzing their intent signals. This way, you can prioritize leads depending on how interested they are.
  • Gain access to B2B intent data in real time to help you spot critical decision-makers in a company.
  • ZoomInfo really shines when it comes to ideal customer profiling. With AI-powered algorithms, ZoomInfo helps you build accurate and comprehensive buyer personas. This way, you can target the perfect audience, ensuring your marketing messages are tailored to their pain points, desires, and preferences.


You'll need to contact ZoomInfo's team for detailed information about the tool's pricing.

4. 6sense


6sense is one of the best buyer intent data tools which helps your sales and marketing teams create tailored campaigns that really make an impact. What makes this tool special is that it specializes in detecting anonymous purchasing activity.

It even uses AI to predict future trends in customer journeys. It's the first account-based platform of its kind, and it does a fantastic job of capturing and providing you with the most relevant data points.

Top Features:

  • 6sense offers dynamic segmentation, helping you curate content and experiences that are tailored to the specific intent signals of your target audience. With this feature, you can create highly personalized content that speaks to the needs of your audience.
  • Gain access to all the details about the prospect's buying team.
  • 6sense bridges the gap between your sales and marketing teams by giving them access to the same customer relationship data and intent insights—helping them work together and get better results.


Book a demo with the 6sense team to know the pricing details.

5. G2

g2 website

G2's Buyer Intent is a fantastic intent data tool that taps into the massive amount of data from G2, which is a top-notch software and services review site. It looks at user behavior and intent signals to give businesses valuable insight into what buyers like, so they can make their sales and marketing campaigns even better and get some quality leads.

The tool helps you gain real-time insights into the buyer's journey. With the data available on G2, you can identify prospects who are actively searching for sales and marketing tools in your industry. This means you can stay one step ahead of the competition and reach out to potential customers at the exact moment they are considering their options.

Top Features:

  • G2's Buyer Intent offers competitors' analysis features. By digging into how your target accounts are interacting with rivals, you can adjust your competitive positioning and tailor your sales pitch for maximum success.
  • You can even get deep insights into buyers not engaging with your brand.
  • The tool also comes with advanced G2 profile customization that helps you control your brand's online presence and reputation


Contact the G2 Buyer Intent team for pricing details.

Get Started with Your Favorite B2B Intent Data Tools Today

Data-driven sales is the way of the future, and having the right intent data tools can help you stay ahead of the game. The five tools mentioned above will help you fuel your sales and marketing strategies and drive growth in 2023.

In case you are looking for other options, check out other B2B intent data providers like SalesIntel, HubSpot, LeadFeeder, Salesforce, DemandJump, etc. Don't miss out on the opportunity to unlock valuable insights into buyer intent and contact data and elevate your B2B sales strategies today.

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