new's 7x increase in free-to-pro conversion rates
Customer story:'s 7x increase in free-to-pro conversion rates

See why PLG COMPANIES choose Toplyne over apollo

Toplyne enriches your CRM leads, contacts, and domains from the live internet. The result? 1.4x higher fill-rates than Apollo at 1/5th the cost.
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Why Toplyne is the choice over Apollo

5x cheaper
Get ROI faster with the contact and domain data you need at the lowest cost per credit.
More accurate data
Traditional enrichment works on outdated databases resulting in inaccurate data & lower fill rates. Toplyne's LLM powered enrichment scrapes the live internet to get you the latest, most accurate data.
Out of the box additional features like economic buyer identifier and ICP match. For no additional cost.

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Toplyne is the best-in-class sales and marketing platform across every category

1.4x higher fill rates than Apollo

More accurate and based on real-time data from the live internet

Toplyne's LLM-based proprietary enrichment scrapes the live internet and provides higher fill rates than Apollo's enrichment across all data: leads, contacts, and domains.

5x cheaper than Apollo

Only export the fields you need

Toplyne's plans have the lowest cost per credit for both contact and domain data. You pay only for the fields you want.

Free access to the Toplyne Chrome extension

Product usage and enrichment in the comfort of your CRM

Open Toplyne’s Chrome Extension on your CRM window to reveal product-usage trends, along with enrichment-based intelligence.


What users have to say about Toplyne

Generate targeted audiences

"Toplyne stitches account-level views of product usage and lets us target our outreach to those contacts that have the most propensity to purchase. With next level support that ensures we are making the most of Toplyne."

Alec Levandoski

Sales Enablement Manager, Beefree

Increase activation rates

"FileInvite uses Toplyne to identify people with a profile similar to our existing customers, allowing our sales team to engage with them directly. Doing so has tripled our activation rates."

Brendan Pfahlert

Revenue Operations Manager, FileInvite

Zero engineering

"Any time we needed to bridge product-data to our revenue applications, we needed to loop in engineering. That’s now three clicks in Toplyne"

Daniel D'Souza

Head of Growth, Voiceflow