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Product-led leaders,

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What is the Bottom Up Era?

Sales-led growth: The early generation of SaaS companies relied on their sales team for growth. Software was sold to the C-suite.

Marketing-led growth: In came the 2010s bringing with them the era of inbound marketing. The largest driver of growth was marketing teams.

Product-led growth: Whether it is creating top-of-the-funnel (ToFu) through virality, or guiding users through their activation journeys, the product is the hero of this era.

Over 65% of the companies who made it to Forbes Cloud 100 list are PLG! Software adoption today is largely bottom-up.

Bottoms up to a product-led world! 🍻

Who is this community for?

Bottoms Up is for you if you:

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Own user journeys within the funnel at hyper-growth companies

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Are data-driven and are looking to source ideas & templates from leaders at fast-growing PLG companies

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Are looking to switch their go-to-market motion to a product-led model

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Are looking for a needle in a haystack in your freemium user-base

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