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Announcing our new integration with Uber

Toplyne now integrates with Uber (seriously)
April 1, 2022
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We're stoked to announce that Toplyne now integrates with Uber. With the new Toplyne x Uber integration, Growth, Revenue, and Sales teams can now close deals faster than ever.

Tired of cold-calling? How about a cold visit instead?

Product-led growth is at the epicenter of the best SaaS companies today. Virality, referrals, and free usage have exploded top-of-funnel. SaaS companies have more users than ever before. Canva has more users than Robinhood and Airbnb combined. The days of worrying about top-of-the-funnel are over.

There's a new monster in the closet - uber low conversion rates. Most hyper-growth product-led companies have sub 1-2% conversion rates. Salespeople are on a wild-goose chase to find the highest-intent users who are ready to benefit from their product's premium features.

Toplyne helps companies monetize their product-led growth (PLG) flywheel

And with our new Uber integration, Sales teams can now book rides directly to the home addresses of their highest-intent users, and show up at their doorstep, completely ruining their children's birthday parties.

Live demos are now truly live

The concept of "live demos" has been butchered by the industry in the recent past. We hope to rewrite that story. The new Uber integration enables PLG companies to deliver in-person demos over their users' kitchen counters, in their living rooms, and push comes to shove, through their backyard windows.

Meet your targets faster with Uber

You can now customize the ride of your choice from within the Toplyne dashboard - a car, limousine, or helicopter - take your pick. The ride is then auto booked to take you to the user's private residence (or rooftop), just in time for you to meet your quarterly targets.

Our A/B tests over March 2022 indicated that teams using Toplyne x Uber are 33% more likely to hit quotas than the control group.
quota achievement

How do I set it up?

The Topyne x Uber integration is available on demand for anyone who is willing to share their private home addresses with us. We think that's fair.

For the rest of you - while sky-high conversion rates are a goal we do help PLG companies achieve, we don't intend to go as far as sending rides to users' homes.

Happy April Fool's day.

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