new's 7x increase in free-to-pro conversion rates
Customer story:'s 7x increase in free-to-pro conversion rates



  • Lead scoring systems for any business outcome
  • Plug and play MQL, PQL, Expansion, Upsell, Churn models
  • No data scientists or coding
  • Messy data welcome
  • Rated 4.7 on G2
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Why top revenue teams choose Toplyne

Here's why Notion, Vercel, Voiceflow, RocketReach, and others choose Toplyne to score leads, users, and accounts
Messy data welcome
Clean data is a myth. Toplyne's AI automation tidies up your messy data before building models you can trust.
Fast business impact
Toplyne's predictive models are ready in just weeks, not months. That's 3x faster than the closest competitor and 12x faster than if you were to do it in-house.
Go beyond your CRM
Toplyne flags key economic buyers and decision-makers who are not on your radar and then syncs them in your CRM.

Score your leads, users, and accounts with predictive AI

Activation, conversion, expansion, churn prevention - you name it. Pick a business goal and Toplyne's AI identifies exactly who is likely to meet it.


Surface usage signals that affect your lead scores

Most AI lead scoring models are black boxes. Toplyne lets you go behind the scenes of the AI models to show you exactly which product, sales, and marketing signals influenced your lead and account scores.


Personalize how you engage your users and accounts

Your sales and marketing teams already use too many applications. With the Toplyne Chrome extension, you can trigger personalised sequences, in-app nudges, and other GTM plays directly from your CRM.


Automate your scoring and forget about it

Your best leads will appear in your sales & marketing apps as soon as they are primed to activate, convert, expand, or churn.

What teams love about Toplyne

Targeted Audiences

"Toplyne stitches account-level views of product usage and lets us target our outreach to those contacts that have the most propensity to purchase. With next level support that ensures we are making the most of Toplyne."

Alec Levandoski

Sales Enablement Manager, Beefree

Activation Rates

"FileInvite uses Toplyne to identify people with a profile similar to our existing customers, allowing our sales team to engage with them directly. Doing so has tripled our activation rates."

Brendan Pfahlert

Revenue Operations Manager, FileInvite

Zero Engineering

"Any time we needed to bridge product-data to our revenue applications, we needed to loop in engineering. That’s now three clicks in Toplyne"

Daniel D'Souza

Head of Growth, Voiceflow